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Our Commitments


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Mission, Vision, Values

We envision a sustainable healthcare system that empowers individuals to live their best lives.

We are change leaders; we constantly innovate to make healthcare services even better – more efficient, sustainable, and available to as many people as possible.

We are change leaders; we constantly innovate to make healthcare services even better – more efficient, sustainable, and available to as many people as possible.

Guiding Principles

  • We respect and value the trust clients & families place in us; CTG staff members are honest, professional, and have strong moral principles.
  • We are committed to equity, access and diversity.
  • We enable clients and families through our Client and Family Centred Care approach to work with us to identify and achieve their goals.
  • We help our patients, families and customers to understand what level of service they should expect from us.
  • We focus on and are committed to building strong relationships with our customers and clients.
  • We anticipate and exceed patient needs and expectations.
  • We strive to achieve excellence; “good” is not our goal; we must be outstanding.
  • We continually explore and introduce innovative strategies that can better meet our clients’ needs in a sustainable way.
  • We encourage and collect patient and family feedback to enhance the client experience and care delivery on a continuous basis.

Our Quality Charter is the foundation that:

  • Informs our patients and customers about what “quality” means to Closing the Gap Healthcare
  • Is the foundation for our success in providing the highest quality healthcare services, meeting or exceeding expectations and reporting results that are both accurate and evidence based
  • Supports scalable improvement as a basic principle of quality and excellence
  • We use our ethical framework to make sound ethical decisions.
  • We support and encourage a “can do” attitude.
  • We act with honesty and compassion.
  • We are accountable and accept responsibility for the behaviour and performance of your team.
  • We support a work environment that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.
  • We foster and encourage thought leadership as a core competency.
  • We support and expand the affordable use of technology as an enabler for both our staff and clients.
  • We recruit exceptional and motivated people who live CTG’s values.
  • We engage employees with dignity and respect and promote a sense of personal responsibility.
  • We provide genuine opportunities for the development and advancement of employees.
  • We promote wellness opportunities that help our employees to achieve their personal best.

Quality Charter

Quality and our Clients

Quality and our Customers

Quality and our Workforce

Quality and our Organization

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Our Story

How it all Started

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The vision of Closing the Gap Healthcare began when Connie Clerici saw a need for increased accountability and transparency for those providing healthcare services in the community.

As a practicing nurse, Connie left the hospital setting in search for a new career path. She was surprised by the lack of skills and training that private nurses had at that time, and knew that there was an opportunity to provide better care in Ontario’s healthcare community.

Soon after, Closing the Gap Healthcare was born.

The Early Years

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In CTG’s early years, Connie focused most of her energy on providing pediatric home care. Children with serious conditions and terminal illnesses weren’t being provided the high-quality care that they deserved, and there was a deep unhappiness among their parents.

One of CTG’s first contracts was with Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Connie recalls, “The head of discharge planning said she would only give me one chance. If I messed it up I would never get another referral from SickKids. Boy, did we work hard for that family; it was so rewarding.”

Continuing to Grow

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Closing the Gap Healthcare quickly grew from one woman’s vision into an established organization with a strong reputation in the community.

Clerici has ensured that ethics and compassion would guide the growth of the organization, making sure that the quality of services provided by CTG would always be of the highest standard.

CTG has had continued success by constantly innovating to make healthcare services more efficient and sustainable, helping empower individuals to live their best lives possible.

Giving Back to the Community
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CTG in the News
Awards and Accreditation

The History of CTG


*The above is only a sample of milestones achieved by CTG and is not representative of all government awards, contracts, acquisitions, etc.

Thank you to all of our clients, families, colleagues, and friends – we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without the support of each and every one of you!

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